Fishing Report

So how’s the fall striper run going for you? When you ask that question you get two very different answers. First, the surf guys will say “not so good”, I never seem to be in the right place at the right time when a few quality fish were within casting range. Second, the boat guys, especially the hard core trolling ones will say “one of my best”, I put myself in some likely spots, set out my spoons and mojo’s out, and before I know it, “fish on”. This sums up fall stripe bass fishing in our area. Case in point, I was talking to two good anglers just this morning, one surf guy and one boat guy. The surf guy told me “just more of the same”, the boat guy, Walt D. was ecstatic!, “15 quality bass so far on the troll” in a very short period! What a crazy season… John Yac